Oliver Lashes

Oliver Lashes (1967-2003) is credited with the creation of the Fender Stratocasterused by popular rock group Kiss that shot hypodermic needles loaded with 'Party Ribbons' at the crowd.

Thomas Ridley

Thomas Ridley (1979 - Present) takes his work seriously. He worked as a scientist, dabbling with the Large Hadron Collider. Rather than colliding very tinymicroscopic particles, Thomas' research involved colliding somewhat larger things into somewhat smaller things. He was sacked after colliding a Vauxhall Vectra into a Guinea Pig in the car park.

Curvey Nicolaus

Curvey Nicolaus (1898-1943) is the discoverer of the quiz show. In March 1922 he was living in a converted tree house in central park when he was nearly crushed by a piece of space rock containing a Reel to reel box set. After watching them all he realized this new format was a) pure evil and b) a money spinner.

Terry Godley

Terry Godley (1972) captured and then later destroyed three books in the late nineties. These books held the ingredients to a secret eye drop formula which, when used properly, enabled superior eye site. He now claims mythical like status in the gaming circles he loves so much.

Terry Hatcher

Terry John Hatcher (1965-1992) was known only to love two things, the popular sport of soccer and his pet dog Terrence. In 1985 he unsuccessfully attempted to enslave the isle of Wight.

Jeffrey Gastley

Jeffrey Gastley (1974-2002) Jeffrey was well known in his local area for the culling of over 70% of the local red squirrel population. After being briefly detained by the authorities, Gastley went on record as suggesting his reasons were somehow connected to the fear of socialism.

Tony Billingham

Tony Billingham (1890-1954) was responsible for the invention of the hate machine used throughout the 1930s. Sadly Billingham had originally wanted to create a method of grilling food more effectively, much like modern day George Forman meat grills.

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