Margaret 'Aunt Marge' Budd

Margaret Budd (1901 - 1962), aka 'Aunt Marge' was a famous as the first combined children's television presenter and TV chef. She would entertain the children of the 50's with her captivating story-telling technique which included creating a culinary delight as the story progressed. Aunt Marge was loved by millions of parents and children across the United States and was awarded many accolades, even being nominated for the first ever Grammy's in 1958.
It was only on her Death in '62 that the real horror of Budd's special sauce was revealed when body parts of her late husband were found in the walk in freezer of Budd's garage. Aunt Marge had been feeding her dead husband to America's children for over a decade.

Geraint Ffunt

Geraint Ffunt (1946 - ?) hit the headlines in 1978 as the mastermind behind the biggest coracle ringing scandal Wales had ever seen. By taking two previously written-off coracles Ffunt would then create a new, but potentially lethal, coracle and sell it as new. This ended in tragedy in 1978 when one of Ffunt's dodgy coracles was responsible for the death of Rhodri Llang (beloved anchorman for "Criccieth Tonight" and HTV's "Mr Fondue"). Ffunt served a 12 year prison sentence and now lives as a virtual recluse in Aberdyfi.

Barrington Chendy

Barrington Chendy (1904 -1979) was probably best known in Britain as the author of the Inspector Cumulus novels but his story starts much earlier than that. After being expelled from Eton in 1917 Chendy used the benefits of being independently wealthy to "swan around" Europe for the next 30 years successfully managing to never take part in the second World War (apart from a table tennis tournament at Hitler's weekend retreat where he formed part of a doubles team with Oswald Mosley).

Returning to Britain in the post war years he penned an incredible 475 pulp crimes novels. "A Bouquet of Death" was made into a film in 1956 starring Michael Redgrave and Bernard Breslaw in a rare straight role as psychotic drag queen, Big Jill. Chendy later scandalised Britain in 1968 as being the first person to use the word "twonk" on live television. He spent the last years of his life scripting low budget British sex comedies such as "No Sex Please We're Aquatic" and "Bella Bounce - the Naughty Auditor".

He died in 1979 of "complications arising from advanced apathy". His memoir "I Really Can't Be Bothered" was unfinished at the time of his death.

Dr Ludo C Briskett

Dr Ludo C Briskett (1893-?) was a French scientist and inventor. In the late 1950's he developed a technique to remove his still functioning nose. He would then attach the live appendage just above his front door handle and with the help of a prosthetic nasal receptor he could literally smell the hands of potential visitors.

Often he would greet friends with the offer of washing there hands, as he could smell ingrained dirt and grime and it made him nauseous.

He lived his life quite peacefully until 1964, when after a series of financial setbacks he physically enforced four local households to adopt his 'Nose-Door' system.

In 1974 he escaped his prison cell leaving the only evidence of his continued existence as his now infamous bi-monthly letter to the Daily Telegraph.

Toby Jughound

Toby Jughound (1853-1943) was a well respected ornithologist and keen bird spotter. Throughout the early 20th century his published works pushed forward the development of avian sensory sciences.

Over his life he documented his all of his outstanding findings in a small notebook, he named this notebook 'The Cruor-Libri'. In 1964, 21 years after Jughounds death, the book was sold at auction to Dr. Johnson Appleby, it was then discovered that the book was bound in human flesh and inked in blood.

Gabriel Maselli

Gabriel Maselli (1920-1964) a petty thief, and self confessed pet molester who spent most of his teenage years in and out of the prisons around America's North East Coast. Later in life Gabriel opened a pet sanctuary, allowing him to participate in some of the most vile pet abuse, all recorded in his personal journals which were found next to the body of Gabriel in 1964 at his home on Maine. Apparently Gabriel had committed suicide after his dog bride (Rover) left him for an especially attractive Irish Wolf Hound.

Isiah Bethesda

Isiah Bethesda (1723 - 1778) was a captain in the British army during the American war of Independence with a reputation for brutality and a merciless manner. Isiah is reported in a number of diaries kept at the time as 'snuffling about on his foursomes in a manner unbecoming a gentleman of the rank of captain'. Other accounts had him '... becoming quite smart with the prisoners, on many occasions taunting them by personally consuming a side of mutton before their eyes'. His unkempt demeanour and erratic behaviour led to his men bayonetting his eyes right out before a court martial.

Barnaby Russett

Barnaby Russett (1972 - 200?) Lived as he died; mysteriously. Fascinated by civil war re-enactment societies and the battles they re-enacted, he changed his name at some point in the mid '90s to 'Isiah Bethesda' in memory of a particularly coldhearted British Captain who served in the American war of independence. He disappeared at some point in the mid 2000s after trying to market novelty children's slippers that turned out to be actual hollowed out ducks.

Callum Bingley-Tingles

Callum Bingley-Tingles (1986-present) was in many ways a typical teenager but for a couple of exceptions. He rarely ate vegetables, despite being a vegan. He campaigned for human rights despite regularly locking his younger sister in the airing cupboard until she cried herself sick all over the ironing and clean towels. He has recently done some growing up and now eats hotdogs.

Fuller Parker-Hulme

Fuller Parker-Hulme (1962 - 2008) was for many happy years employed as a milkman, followed by a great many more years unhappily employed as the mayoress of a small town in Cheshire. After marrying his childhood sweetheart who was the mayor of the aforementioned town, it became clear that the spouse of the mayor, regardless of gender was to be known as the mayoress. In a fit of rage following repeated tabloid tauntings, he hurled his dainty mayoress chains at a laughing crowd, badly grazing a small child. He drowned in a river in Spain on holiday trying to catch a slippery, slippery fish (not a metaphor).

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