Dr Ludo C Briskett

Dr Ludo C Briskett (1893-?) was a French scientist and inventor. In the late 1950's he developed a technique to remove his still functioning nose. He would then attach the live appendage just above his front door handle and with the help of a prosthetic nasal receptor he could literally smell the hands of potential visitors.

Often he would greet friends with the offer of washing there hands, as he could smell ingrained dirt and grime and it made him nauseous.

He lived his life quite peacefully until 1964, when after a series of financial setbacks he physically enforced four local households to adopt his 'Nose-Door' system.

In 1974 he escaped his prison cell leaving the only evidence of his continued existence as his now infamous bi-monthly letter to the Daily Telegraph.

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  1. I sincerely hope that interpol catch this man soon.

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