Fuller Parker-Hulme

Fuller Parker-Hulme (1962 - 2008) was for many happy years employed as a milkman, followed by a great many more years unhappily employed as the mayoress of a small town in Cheshire. After marrying his childhood sweetheart who was the mayor of the aforementioned town, it became clear that the spouse of the mayor, regardless of gender was to be known as the mayoress. In a fit of rage following repeated tabloid tauntings, he hurled his dainty mayoress chains at a laughing crowd, badly grazing a small child. He drowned in a river in Spain on holiday trying to catch a slippery, slippery fish (not a metaphor).

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  1. Bravo, great job

    i'll read the other tomorrow.

    Superb work dan.
    Love it.

    Thanks very much. (not a metaphor)

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