Margaret 'Aunt Marge' Budd

Margaret Budd (1901 - 1962), aka 'Aunt Marge' was a famous as the first combined children's television presenter and TV chef. She would entertain the children of the 50's with her captivating story-telling technique which included creating a culinary delight as the story progressed. Aunt Marge was loved by millions of parents and children across the United States and was awarded many accolades, even being nominated for the first ever Grammy's in 1958.
It was only on her Death in '62 that the real horror of Budd's special sauce was revealed when body parts of her late husband were found in the walk in freezer of Budd's garage. Aunt Marge had been feeding her dead husband to America's children for over a decade.

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  1. Mmmm! Bud's special sauce....

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