The Footie Club

The Footie club (1982-5) was a grotesque gang of three, Toby Stanfield, Bertie Flecktube and Flaubert Trick. They wandered around outside Saturday football matches, launching items they had collected during the week into the grounds, using a crudely built trebuchet. Anything from Cola bottles, hedgehogs, small vehicles were cast over the walls of stadiums and small grounds around the UK.

Toby Stanfield

Toby Stanfield (1960 - 1999) The ring-leader andfounding member of the footie club was known for his hatred of any team to allow players to grow their hair long.

Bertie Flecktube

Bertie Flecktube (1964 - Present Day) was the youngster of the group and the only suviving member, he now runs a small butchers in stockport

Flaubert Trick

Flaubert Trick (1930-1985) had a twisted mind, believing passionatly that football should only be played by men over the age of 50. His actions on the 5th of september 1985 lead to not only his own death but also to the arrest of the remaining members.

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