Sir Gregory Cylinder

Sir Gregory Cylinder (1798-1889) was an inventor and collector of trinkets. In the late 1860's he made a name for himself buying and selling small pots of grass with a small cog attached. When the cog was turned, the grass moved back and forth. Sir Cylinder named this movement 'aggressive pro-nouncement' stating that 'the process of aggressive pro-nouncement exposes the users greater qualities, thrusting them into wealth and happiness'. It was later found that every time the cog was turned a badger died.

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4 Response to "Sir Gregory Cylinder"

  1. Very good, Joe, very good indeed. I love that this has turned nearly entirely into me and you patting each other on the back!


    There's far worse things it could be Dan. pat pat pat.

    Very true. pat pat pat.

    He's a truly excellent bastard.

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