Ginchy Robinson Jnr

Ginchy Robinson Jnr (1958-1989?) was the son of Ginchy (a priest) and Barbara (a she-priest).

He made his great wealth when, at the age of 13, he produced the parlour game 'extreme snap'. It was an an instant hit and rocketed Ginchy Jnr to the hight of the parlour games circuit

Other games he created include:

Thuddley Tinks,
Cat Attack,
Defend the Snakes,
Don't Use Your Shoes!
Pony-poly: An Australian Board Game,

It has been noted that his attitude towards other game inventors was 'moderately obtuse'. There are also many claims of Puzzle-snatching, however there is a complete lack of evidence to any of the allegations.

In 1989 he disappeared, leaving only his Reigate Mansion which contained 3,054 dead shrews. It is feared that upon his return he will produce a game that utilises in, some part, dead animals.

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3 Response to "Ginchy Robinson Jnr"

  1. John A says:

    There was many a game of Cat Attack played round my gaff back in the day. Remember the one-sided dice?

    The marble-dice? That takes me back...

    Was Forward-Backward: 3015 the one that was basically just the original game but with weird architecture all around the board? I vaguely remember being molesterfied by a She-Priest in a parlour whilst a number of dogs sat about playing it.

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