King Jenks

King Jenks (1983 - present) was shift supervisor at 'Cloud City', a Star Wars themed milkshake bar in Llandudno in the long hot summer of 2004. Cloud City in that period endured a particularly vindictive rivalry with the local 'Corn-Cob Cantina', a well-known corn-based fast food joint popular at the time. During breaks, King Jenks (real name unknown) had taken to relieving himself against the stacked sacks of pre-roasted corn cobs that were stored in the rear yard of the Cantina before they were re-heated and served. Jenks, something of a swaggering braggart, was indiscreet with the story of his repeated angry fouling and was sacked by Cloud City. His angry howls can on dark nights be heard travelling from atop the Great Orm, where he now works in the gift shop. He is in danger of losing that job as well, most likely due to the incessant howling.

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