Vincent Crepuscular

With a voice that could charm the bats from their caves and a torso as chiselled as Martin Kemp's chin, Vincent Crepuscular (1949 -) found fame as a musician, model, and heart throb for the alternative scene over the course of three decades.

In the mid 90s Crepuscular's band 'the Crypts' split due to creative differences but were contractually bound to record one final album together ('Last Nail in the Coffin' - 1996). Due to increasingly aggressive feuds Vincent recorded vocals in a seperate session from the band, who later sabotaged the instruments and recording equipment with semi-automatic weapons rendering many of their tracks unuseable. Unbeknownst to the frontman at that time, desperate executives drafted in the band recording a Poundstretcher jingle in the neighbouring sound booth to fill gaps in production. Needless to say, the album bombed and journalist Vaugh Highside famously dubbed the star "Vincent Craptacular" in 'Music Yeah Wow' issue #932.

Crepuscular retired from the music industry and took to writing poetry, though controversy over his last publication saw it recalled after PTA members reported he was 'thinly masking vampirism as a metaphor for themes of paedophilia'.

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