Dirk Clover

Dirk Clover (1954-2007) was a renowned Thespian. You will no doubt recognise him from his various televisual features. He was the inventor of the 'Chowder' style of acting, a technique he developed in the early 80's whereby the actor pretends he has no idea where he is or what is going on. While Chowder was a big hit with acting students, directors despised it. In 1991 'Yoghurt School' director Telly Franklin stated "Clover has no idea what he's doing. He's a fool, I don't think he's an actor at all".

Distraught by Franklin's claims, Clover left acting and opened a small cafe in North West Hollywood. He accidentally poisoned over 5 people, to death.

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  1. I'm developing Chowder Illustration. It's really easy!

    Interesting to see the "Chowder" style of acting now applied to TV presenting on BBC3. Always cutting edge.

    i hear they're big fans of it on T4 too. all they really need is a revolving sign with 'friends up next' on one side and 'now time for hollyoaks' on the other

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