Ian Jackweth

Ian Jackweth (1971-2008) was a familiar sight to shoppers young and old in Keighley, West Yorkshire. Usually accompanied by his father Bob on Jew's harp, Ian's high, clear alto voice could be heard up and down Cavendish Street on weekday mornings.

Though clearly a gifted singer, Jackweth confined himself to just one song, a self-composed 18-minute opus entitled "Finger Of Mine". This song would be performed over and over again until its author was satisfied with his performance.

Ian gained some notoriety when he entered "A Song For Europe" in 1993. He finished last in the public vote eventually won by "Love City Groove". It proved to be his only foray into competitive singing.

Jackweth died aged just 36 when his heart exploded during an attempt to rip a 100-year old oak tree out of the ground. He is survived by his father.

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3 Response to "Ian Jackweth"

  1. blimey, if anyones got a copy of finger of mine, i'd love to live through it.

    Excellent. I think Love City Groove covered "Finger of Mine" on the b-side of their eponymous hit. Lovely drawing too.

    That rings a bell - I'm sure that Eddie Baron of Love City Groove was a fan despite the rivalry...

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