T. Presper Mauchly

T. Presper Mauchly (1943-1989) achieved notoriety for creating and producing the quiz show 'GET IT RIGHT' where members of the public were threatened with physical pain if they answered questions incorrectly.

During the shows three year run Mauchly would often provoke the contestants, by claiming that he knew the answers. He would repeat these claims over and over again, many of the contestants would choose physical pain over his unrelenting psychological barrage.

When interviewed about 'GET IT RIGHT' Mauchly would reply with only two words 'brown trapples'. Historian Dr Teddy Hamper believed this may have been a reference to Moses, whose catchphraise 'grey trapples' won the hearts of the Egyptians way back in 1638.

In November 1989 Mauchly paddled his dory boat into the pacific ocean, in a letter discovered three months later he claimed to be "searching for a dream".

Local mythology supposes that Mauchly was soon eaten by the giant octopus, Graham Johnson

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  1. Excellent. Mr List. I saw a film starring Graham Johnson the other night. He was fighting the mega shark, Alan Fornsley.

    I particularly like the bit with the Moses catchphrase, which is saying something because I'm a "sucker" for giant Octopuses. Sucker, geddit?

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