Denny Tempest

Denny Tempest (1974 - Present) worked for a time at the Lord Darlingville Museum of Arctic Curiosities in Taunton, UK. His role was primarily as till clerk in the gift shop, selling 'Icy Explorer' lollies and penguin pencil sharpeners to groups of recently educated school children.

The museum's archives also housed the Fabrizio Endemic collection, the accumulated notes, equipment and letters of the famous explorer himself. Fascinated by the man, Denny Tempest would dress up in Endemic's old exploration gear and stride purposefully about the museum after closing, proclaiming himself to be 'Lord of the Arctic'. Endemic's goose-down tunic was unfortunately covered in the spores of the rare Arctic disease; Lumptatoes. Tempest unwittingly unleashed a plague upon the European population after a French school exchange group visited the museum. He still works at the Museum of Arctic Curiosities, but no longer has contact with the public.

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  1. Brill bio Dan. Lumptatoes! I have that, I'm sure of it. Terribly sore sternum. Plus a very delightful wintry illo! Surely Endemic himself had some scumbag-type characteristics beneath all his layers of heroism?

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