Iain Webster

 Leaving school at 15, Iain Webster (1988-) quickly found employ as a Betterware man, selling mops, buckets, creams and unguents door to door. He beat targets month on month for his first year and was soon promoted to line manager  for the Greater Birmingham area. Aged 17, he bought a Mercedes car with cash. At 20 he was living with his catalogue model girlfriend Paula in a city centre flat overlooking Birmingham's Bullring Centre. Then tragedy struck. Webster stacked his Merc into a pack of cub scouts out for bob-a-job week. If his crime had been one of carelessness, that would have been bad enough, but Iain actually flipped the out-of-control vehicle on purpose in order to "take out" a stray cub.

He currently resides at Her Majesty's pleasure.

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