Tibbton Skivs

Tibbton Skivs, (1983-) is a secretive soul. Much of his past is cloaked in the sludge of time. He can however often been found lurking outside the worlds least popular museums.

Several of these sightings have been outside 'The Hall of Oars', where he would interrogate visitors, covering all aspects of their lives. Please be aware, his questions always lead to what extent you will sponsor his lifestyle.

Other targeted areas include:

The Decorative Plate Foundation
The Royal Hall of Oars,
The North Wales Gallery of Scared Cats,
The Lost Glove Emporium (only on Tuesdays),
Sir Craigson Dirv's Filthy Aquarium,

If encountered mention 'apple pudding' and he should leave you be.

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    I've seen him loitering around the "Johnny Hates Jazz" experience in Keighley. He made my blood run cold.

    Never managed to get into the Filthy Aquarium, the queue's always too big.

    I'm pretty sure he once approached me outside the Dragonfly museum in Northampton, but ran away when my apple pudding flavoured lolly became apparent.

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